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  • Ayyy I really need to start posting more again! I’ve been super busy, I’ve been effectively working three jobs to stay afloat, so you’ll have to forgive my lack of updates. However, I have big news! I’ll be dropping the EXACT DATE THE BONEMEN COMIC WILL START AND POSTING THE WEBSITE HERE VERY SOON! I’m working on a promotional poster, and after that, it’s TIIIIIIIME!

    Until then, enjoy a fifteen minute ink warm up. Most of that time was spent trying to figure out how his mouth would work. Also I photoshopped his eye a little because it was kinda goldfishy. Sue me!

    This character is Smokin’ Deuces from my comic “Buddy Cops”, by the way. I’m still trying to figure out how I’d want that comic to look, but I’m not working on it right now, so WHATEVER ECH

    Nausicaa was my favorite as a kid. I wanted to be her

    Asked by c-a-k-e

    Yeah, Nausicaa was super rad.  I’m trying to see all of Studio Ghibli’s films, because I recently realized that I’ve basically only seen the cute slice of life films (Totoro, Kikis, Ponyo) and Spirited Away. Though after Grave of the Fireflies, I’m pretty sure I never want to watch a movie ever again.

    Hey gang! Sorry I haven’t been updating lately, I’ve been working on getting BONEMEN ready, so I haven’t had time to doodle much fun stuff. On top of that, I have to take my scanner to the doctor, it’s sick or something.

    But yeah! Here’s some proof that I”m still alive! More to come soon!

    Hey everybody! Sorry about the radio silence as of late; I just moved! My scanner’s being a bit fidgety too, so all I have at the moment are these gross photos of some stuff I’ve been working on. BONEMEN is coming along, and I found an old fake cover thumbnail for a comic idea I had, and decided to try a finished version. Thanks for being patient boys and girls, I’ll give you more drawings soon, promise!

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